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Our tailor-made
Risk Solutions for:
Wealth Management

As an AIFMD-approved risk manager, we handle all operational risk-management issues from corporate risk reports on investment limit audits to SRRI calculations.


Our RiskMan solution offers all the methods and functions required by both UCITSG and AIFMG. Both risk calculation methods as well as operational and service processes are certified according to the ISAE3000/3402 standard.

Asset Management

Market, credit and liquidity risk, including backtesting and stress tests, are calculated at single-instrument level using the quasi-Monte Carlo method and are available online, as report and as dashboard.


The RiskMan Balance-Sheet Cockpit offers an integrated view of each of the balance-sheet risks based on controlling factors and ratios, and enables real-time impact visualization of future balance-sheet transactions on risk parameters and return effects.


All market risk calculations required under Solvency II as well as the results for Investment Limit Control are available online as reports and as dashboard.

SynoFin. System efficient.
Our tailor-made Solutions are adjusted for every business model and regulatory requirements. We understand our clients and we are on the spot.

Our Professional Network of experienced Risk Managers, Developers and Financial Mathematicians guarantees the fast and flexible implementation of market- and customer-requirements of any size and complexity.

Our FMA-license and ISAE3000/3402-certification guarantee a scalable, high-performing, integrated solution and top-quality Risk Management service.

Our technological lead creates new risk management- and market opportunities for our customers through the integration of innovative technology partners.

Our claim to create added value for our customers leads to a verifiable P&L Statement through the use of modern technology in processing and visualization.

1  Analysis
2  Advice
Our solution modules and services can be freely combined and tailored to your needs' breadth and depth.
Your business model and the resulting risk management requirements form the starting point and goal of our joint work.
3  Implementation
4   Your Solution
RiskMan solutions and services provide you with efficient, timely risk management that is integrated into your business processes.
An experienced team of experts ensures a rapid implementation of your solution with the adjusted, workflow-based RiskMan solution.
Are you interested or do you have any questions?
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efficient . tailor-made . secure . solid
The RiskMan solution has been specially developed for risk management tasks, is easy to use as a web solution, role-based and workflow-controlled. Powerful data management, a sophisticated calculation kernel and parallel processing ensure fast and accurate results for all common and structured financial instruments. Online access, reports and dashboards ensure efficient and location-independent collaboration between asset managers, risk managers and administration.

RiskMan services range from support and advice in operational business to the possibility of full delegation of risk management to SynoFin as an AIFMG-approved risk manager. In addition, a network of experts ensures that risk management can also become a driver of innovation in your company.

We work for renowned Companies:
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